Yorkshire Productions & Dexter Media

Yorkshire Productions

Yorkshire Productions work with clients of all sizes across the country. We combine great storytelling
and leading edge technology to produce digital video content, delivered across multiple channels with
amazing results. Visit YorkshireProductions.com for further details and examples of our latest work.

Decter Media

Dexter Media makes videos to suit all manner of budgets.
You may wish to drive sales through a new product or service.
Or you may have a major story to tell a waiting world.
Either way, Dexter Media will create a Scoop News Report – a video which can reach people through social
media, your company’s email subscriber list and newspaper websites – and we’ll do it quickly, just as we do
when we’re working for the major TV broadcasters.
At one end of the spectrum, our Sky, BBC and ITV camera crews will produce broadcast-standard material.
At the other end, a humble iPhone might do the trick. But however we work with you, one thing you can be
sure of is that our people know their stuff.