Richard Whiteley Award 2016

Yorkshire Rows

and they are:-

Janette Benaddi
Helen Butters
Niki Doeg
Frances Davies

Presented by Christine Talbot

Yorkshire Rows is a team of four formidable mums from Yorkshire who are the first women to row across the North Sea and who also hold a world record for rowing across the Atlantic Ocean. First impressions of these four courageous women is that they are not professional sports women rather they are four ordinary working mums who “dared to dream”. They all took up rowing for the first time at a local York club 4 years ago and then in January 2013 they decided to take on the herculean task of entering the world’s toughest rowing race 3000 nautical miles from the canaries to Antigua. It took almost 3 years to plan and prepare for the row. In addition to rowing their ocean they have also managed to raise thousands of pounds for Maggie’s Cancer care centres and the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. These women have touched the hearts of many and continue to do so in their commitment to show how true friendship, team work, Yorkshire grit and belief can help you achieve your dreams.

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