Community Hero Award 2003

Bill Exley

Since 1991 Bill has help more than raise £800,000 for Huddersfield’s Royal Infirmary for the breast cancer unit. He did this after is wife died of cancer 12 years ago and he realised that the facilities at the hospital were very poor and thought that things needed to be improved. In the first year Bill hoped to raise £6,000 for equipment for breast cancer treatment, but he raised £25,000. A few years later the figure was up at £300,000 and they formed a registered charity. They raised another £350,000 and this went towards a new specialised breast clinic at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary.

The clinic is fittingly called The Bill Exley Breast Unit. Bill and his friend Ron are just Trustees now but they make sure that the money is spent on the up to date equipment.

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