Community Hero Award 2010

Claire Wood

Claire Wood is 31 and has chronic arthritis, costochondritis and fibro and also has other health issues. She is was first diagnosed when she was 11. This year has seen her health get so bad, she has had two stays in hospital. Claire is a fundraiser and has raised £20,000 + for charity, by doing so many things. She raised £2000 pounds for a ovarian cancer Charity in March this year and started the fund raising from her hospital bed. Claire is full of life and suffers chronic pain 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. She is bright and bubbly and despite the tears and pain she is determined to raise awareness for her chosen cause and raise as much money as she can. She always remains positive… and always wears a smile. She is an inspiration to others.

View the video from the BBC News site.

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