Sporting Achievement Award 2000

Dougie Lampkin

Born in Silsden, Yorkshire, Dougie Lampkin is one of the youngest Yorkshire Award winners at only 24 years old. At this young age, Dougie is becoming a motorcycle legend and is currently the world number one for indoor and outdoor motorcycle trials.

His father Martin was Britain’s last World trials champion back in 1975 and the Lampkins are one of the world’s most successful motorcycling families. After his first trial at the age of 9 at Pateley Bridge, when he came first, he has moved on to bigger and better things. In 1993 Dougie moved into the adult circuit and clinched his first European championship. In 1994 he scored the first of now many World trial victories. With Sixth overall at the end of the season, Dougie then began his assault on the international rankings under the direction of his father.

Dougie has gone on to achieve fourth and then second places in the World championships and four consecutive indoor and outdoor titles, winning 63 Grand Prix our of 77 over the last four years confirms his continuing domination of the sport.

At only 24, Dougie still has ambitions and is still determined to go on winning. His ultimate ambition is to beat Jordi Tarres’ record of 7 World titles and he wants to run his own trials team to help young riders and give them the opportunity to achieve the success he has experienced. With his personal motto of ‘enjoy everything while you can’, Dougie Lampkin will no doubt continue to dominate his sport.

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