Sporting Achievement Award 2016

Hannah Cockroft MBE

Yorkshire Sporting Achievement Award – Chadwick Lawrence

Presented by: Paul Carvis, Partner at Chadwick Lawrence

Hannah is a Paralympic wheelchair racer, representing GB in the T34 category and is the reigning
World, European and Paralympic Champion.

Two cardiac arrests shortly after she was born resulted in damage to two areas of Hannah’s brain
and left her with deformity to her legs and feet, weakened hips and also with damage to her fine
motor skills.

Hannah discovered sport at senior school and started out playing wheelchair basketball. Her racing
talent was finally harnessed when Hannah was fifteen. Hannah now has an impressive medal
collection for her racing and currently holds the T34 World Records for 100, 200, 400 and 800m.

Hannah took a break from her University studies to train for the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games, where
she won three Gold medals, breaking one of her own world records in the process.

Hannah is patron of several charities and actively campaigns on disability issues.

Hannah was awarded her MBE by The Queen in 2013.

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