YorkshireAwards 17.10.2014 Leeds_England
YorkshireAwards 17.10.2014 Leeds_England

Special Award 2014

Jonny Mitchell

Presented by Sir Rodney Walker, Chairman of the Yorkshire Awards.

Jonny Mitchell is the head of Thornhill Community Academy in Dewsbury and became something of a TV heartthrob thanks to the Channel 4 documentary series, Educating Yorkshire.

Born in Dewsbury in 1972 he now lives in Pontefract with his wife, Lisa, and their three girls, Ella, Lydia and Celia and has been quoted as saying “I am a fiercely proud Yorkshireman and I want to make sure that Yorkshire and my little part of Yorkshire where I’m from is portrayed really well in the TV series”.

In his job as head of Thornhill Community Academy he has always strived to drive up standards.


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