Business Enterprise Award 2005

Keepmoat plc

This goes to Keepmoat who for years has regenerated countless communities around the UK. The company has refurbished old homes and rundown neighbourhoods to provide social housing and affordable homes.

Keepmoat, is dedicated to regenerating selected areas in our towns and cities. By working together with its customers, it plays a major role in creating vibrant and sustainable communities where people want to live and work.

Providing social housing and affordable yet desirable homes is just one part of its story, the company also contributes to regeneration by enhancing the environment and provides training and real jobs for local people. Residents value and take pride in their surroundings with anti-social behaviour and crime reduced. Ultimately, a genuine demand to live in the community is created.

This can only be achieved through integration, and total commitment with all stakeholders working together in a real spirit of partnership, building the trust that is so essential to success.

The challenge is great as teams of residents, councillors, officers, master-planners, designers, valuers, developers, builders, the police, teachers, health workers, Government, Regional Development Agencies and Lawyers work together to bring about the changes that everyone wants to see – this is what Keepmoat thrives on.

The company has helped managed change through its award winning partnerships, for example, The Royds Community Association in Bradford or The Durham Housing Partnership.

Its strength lies in the fact that we are a caring, sharing and integrated business. We firmly believe in community engagement, equal opportunities, health and safety and the environment and our policy is to share best practice with our partners.

Together with its three delivery brands, Bramall Construction, Frank Haslam Milan and Haslam Homes, it is a leader in community regeneration. The company’s approach is proactive, interpreting market needs and changes, government policies and customer/partner requirements to provide quality solutions and total satisfaction.

Keepmoat provides a comprehensive package that includes social housing, affordable homes and a wide range of added value initiatives. Through partnerships, partnering and strategic alliances, it achieves its main aims – quality developments, social inclusion and sustainability

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